Philosophy and Values


  1. Every individual has innate value;
  2. Every individual has the right to attain his or her full potential as a human being and to achieve personal fulfillment;
  3. Every individual and every family has the right to service regardless of their system of beliefs and values;
  4. Every client and client group has the right to excellence in counselling services;
  5. Every client has rights to value, integrity, confidentiality and privacy;
  6. Collaboration with community services and service providers is essential.
  7. By creating a safe and healthy therapeutic relationship together we can address old hurts and patterns to reclaim the life that is rightfully yours; full of peace, happiness, and passion.


We respect and accept the uniqueness and self-worth of all individuals. Psychotherapy is provided in a safe and confidential environment through professional, ethical, quality counselling, and educational services. If we feel that you can be better served by another professional we are happy to make referrals and/or work together with other professionals to assist you in the best way possible.  We do not believe in wasting time together when you can get more appropriate service somewhere else.